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We were looking for a local accountant that could best suit our needs. And then we came across Compass. We had a chat and got on really well. They have been a massive help in getting started and helping to set the business up for us. They are always helpful, always there to help us, guide us through things -especially when we ring up and say – ‘I don’t get it?!’ It always feels like they are there for us, whatever we need, which is great.

Curtis Lavell - Owner of Ian Henry’s Barbers

Our last accountant we had for 30 years, but he recently went into retirement. Before he retired, he recommended Compass, as did people we knew who were Compass clients, so they naturally seemed to be the right choice to make. And we weren’t wrong.

The way they go about business and the new ideas they have brought to us have been exceptional. They are amiable people and very approachable- but above all we feel we can trust them and that’s important as you want to be able to talk to your accountant openly and have a good relationship. We’ve already recommended Compass to associates and friends of ours.

Business owner, Material Things, Malcolm Gingell

I knew Compass were right for us when I met Stuart for the first time. He was easy to talk to, very down to earth and there was nothing he was bamboozling me with. He broke everything down into simple layman’s terms.

Compass are easy to deal with and friendly and speak in plain English -and that immediately appealed to me. People often think of a stereotypical accountant, with bowler hat and briefcase- well Compass are the opposite of that.

They are very forward thinking; they explore new areas, and they offer a level of practical advice we hadn’t had with our previous accountants. We are very pleased we found them.

Matt Berry - Managing Director of Martin and Co, Portsmouth

We have had over 15 years of working with Compass, and have always appreciated their support and guidance, so we knew from the start that they would be the perfect accountants to help us with a new business. And we were right, they’ve been amazing. They have steered us through the launch of this new venture and as always, it’s been great to have them on board. It’s so important to have an accountant with all the right skills, but it’s also important that you have a good working relationship with them. Stuart has been brilliant and acted as our key person for around 15 years now, so he knows us very well.

We feel very fortunate to have an accountant you can just openly chat to. If you need to speak to someone, you just pick up the phone and they are there- and if they aren’t, they always get back to you. They have great knowledge and skills, and experience, but they are also committed to learning and keeping up with new developments, and they pass that growing knowledge on to their customers – which is so important.

Donna Blight, the Co-Owner of Kingston Farmhouse

Compass have fitted in seamlessly and now undertake most of our financial requirements, including our bookkeeping and all of our accounting. When they came on board, I explained that I wanted a more cohesive system. They immediately untangled an existing web of problems and educated us with innovations and improvements to simplify our processes. We now do everything much more efficiently. In a short space of time they have introduced a new system, whereby they provide a weekly forecast of bills, and now, by using Xero software I can see what I owe and who owes me in real-time. They have given us great transparency with our business. If I was to write a review, I'd give them 5 stars. There isn't anything we asked them to do that they haven't done with a smile on their face. It was a great decision getting them on board.

Managing Director, Deane Interiors – Daniel Swatton

We were looking for a new accountant to help us improve and grow, after a recommendation we met with Stuart and his team and we have not looked back since. They have been a pleasure to work with helping us to make efficiencies and structure our company. They are always on hand for advice and instruction, especially so in these recent turbulent times where they have responded quickly to help us put in place measures ensuring our survival and now future growth.

Project Director of First Exhibition Services and Zero210, Matthew Turnbull

I found out about Compass by searching on the internet. I was looking for an accountant that had a niche in working in the charity sector, and when Compass came up I also noticed they happened to be in Fareham. Our head office was previously in Huddersfield- but we wanted to move the registered office to the South, so it made sense to change accountants. Compass have been great. From the start, everything has been moved over to them with great ease and simplicity. As well as working with the charity- I am also a serving Police Officer, and so time is precious. When you are up against it, you don’t want to spend time working on the accounts, so Compass’ service works perfectly. Also, Compass’ prices are more reasonable than our last accountant- and they are very easy to speak to, very accommodating and nothing is too much hassle- I’m glad we chose Compass.

Garry Botterill, Co-founder of charity Service Dogs UK

I was looking for an accountant and through word of mouth someone recommended Compass. I went in to meet them and after a chat, I knew they were right for me. They’ve been my accountants ever since and have really looked after me. They make sure I’m on the right lines, I’ve been really happy with the way they work. I am always confident they’ll do what is needed. Compass also helped me with the transition of being a freelancer. They made it simple and easy. I didn’t have to look anything up or really do much at all. There were things I didn’t understand and still don’t to this day, but if I need to know anything, they talk me through the whole thing. Compass completely look after the finance side of things for me. They make running a business a walk in the park.

SEO Consultant, Andy Williams - of Andy Williams SEO

Over the years, Compass have proven to be a great asset for me. They are always there when I need them – they are very knowledgeable and when I do need assistance with something, they have always been a massive help. It’s a weight off your shoulders to know, that if you do need help or advice, they are at the end of the phone. When I visit the offices to meet them, everyone is friendly, warm and very approachable- I entirely recommend them.

Neil Scott, Owner of Bloc Design Studio

The Compass Accountants team have been extremely helpful and are always available to provide expert advice. The Trust’s finance team have always found Compass a pleasure to deal with and going through the accounts for the Trust and the trading subsidiary is always a very smooth process.

Chris Bolt, Treasurer and Trustee of the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust

It was a few years ago now, that we had decided that we wanted more from our existing accountancy firm, and so we looked around at other local accountants. We went through a process of interviews and Compass stood out as the most approachable, and amenable. We decided to go with them and weren’t disappointed. They have always been very friendly and easy to work with.

Ian Hooper, Business owner of Hooper Services Ltd

I've been working with Compass Accountants for a number of years now and I have always found them to be responsive, expert in their opinion and seek to understand their clients. Their deep understanding has enabled me to consolidate both my personal and business tax matters, including getting VAT registered, to such a point that I'm now entirely comfortable with my financial responsibilities to dear old HMRC. I would thoroughly recommend Compass to anyone looking for a professional and friendly team.

David Hogan, Director - Carisbrooke Associates

We met Stuart at a Chamber of Commerce event and were very pleased to learn that Compass was an accountancy firm with expertise in charities and museums. We are so delighted to have made the connection, as their knowledge and guidance has already been so valuable. When Stuart invited us to the Compass office, it was immediately obvious that Compass could provide something we were missing.

Jim Gray, Trustee at the Hovercraft Museum

I didn’t even consider another accountancy firm. I had no reason to and it wasn’t just for the quality of Compass’ work. It was also because of the 'family feel' that runs through the company. Everyone at Compass has a genuine desire to understand and support your business in its development and that counts for so much. You can pick up the phone and talk to someone and not just anyone, but someone experienced and knowledgeable. Being with Compass makes you feel like you are in very safe hands and as someone steering a new business, that reassurance is very important.

Chris Jay, Managing Director of Bascule Disability Training

Compass have been incredible- and we are so pleased to have them on-board. They have really been a great help. They have supported us, in every step of our journey. They came to our opening, which they covered on their social media. They have been easy to talk to, very approachable and the work that they have done was completed within a very tight deadline. We have been very impressed and have already recommended them to our own contacts!

Catherine Parham, owner of Vintage Inspired

Because I offer a service -and I am the product- I hadn’t really properly considered running things as ‘a business’ as such, but Compass gave me a great framework to work with and sat down and talked to me about making the right plans. They gave me the grounding and explained both what I need to think about- and what I don’t need to- which was really useful. They simplified everything.

It was great to speak with an accountancy firm that was totally honest and transparent- and they couldn’t be nicer! There was no pressure to come on board – but I came away and thought- I fully trust them- and I feel confident that they’ll do a great job for me.

Lindsey Hood, Life and executive coach

I think Dad joined Compass very soon after the company was launched which would have been in 1981! I do believe that M.S King and Sons were the third client Compass ever had!

The amount of years we have been with Compass is testament to their service. With Compass as your accountants, everything just runs smoothly – they deal with all our finance without any fuss, and I would, without a doubt recommend them to anyone!

Kevin King, owner of M.S King and Son

As predicted Compass have been fabulous - they are always so helpful. They have done lots to help with the new business and also look after the wages for the salon. They always help me with any queries I have. The wonderful thing about Compass is that they talk to you in a very normal language. Some accountants can throw all the information and jargon at you, but Compass break it all down and keep it simple. Running a business can mean you have a lot to do - and Compass understand that. They simplify everything to make life easier for you.

Michele Tull, Owner of Beleza Beauty

We had an accountant back then, but were interested in changing. I remember doing a little research and coming across Compass. That is when we met Kerry, who still works with us, and has been absolutely great over the years. Compass help us with all of our tax needs and are always quick to respond with useful and helpful advice. We consider them a part of our overall team now.

Sam Morrison, Managing Director of Porchester Engineering

It has been quite a journey for us- and Compass have been with us all of the way. They know our business well, having first assisted us with the company launch. Of course, back then we were an entirely different type of organisation, but Compass have always assisted with new territories and aided our growth.

They have helped us with everything- especially in the last two years. Now, they visit us as regularly and are part of the company. They are great to have around to ask questions like- How do we get over this problem? or How do we approach this? If I’m completely honest, I think of them more as friends now than as accountants, and I think that is quite an important thing in business.

Jim Merriott, Owner of APR Powder coatings

I joined The Mary Rose Trust back in 2013- and by then Compass had established a very strong working relationship with the charity. Since I have worked with them, they have always provided a professional and tailored service both in answering ad hoc queries, preparation of annual accounts and audits.

Compass have always accommodated our deadlines for accounts and audits and respond to queries quickly- they consistently take both a professional and pragmatic approach.

Being a small organisation, it helps really helps to work with someone who is always available to offer good advice. I really appreciate that I can call Compass with a query and speak to someone who understands and has knowledge of our organisation.

Mrs Sue Wright, Head of Finance at The Mary Rose Trust

Since launching the business, using Compass has been one of the best moves I have made. My brother recommended Compass- as he uses them, and my Dad originally recommended them to my brother- so you could say the firm is in the family! My brother and dad had only good things to say about them, so I knew they’d be right for me.

I wasn’t going to get an accountant at first- but when I spoke to them they made everything clear and easy. It was an immediate weight off my shoulders, knowing everything was in safe hands. They were so helpful - so kind and friendly. Now, I just don’t worry anymore!

From an outsiders point of view its daunting becoming self-employed or a sole trader. Even my self-employed friends couldn’t answer some of the questions I had - but now I know -my accountant always has the answer!

Liza Byatt - Pups and Mutts

“I had known of Compass for quite some time -in fact I actually knew Jeff many years ago as I used to work on his car- and even his father’s! It wasn’t until 20 years later that I had a problem with my accountant and I thought of Jeff.

Often, when you are in business you can be reluctant to change your accountant. When we finally made the jump, I found it a bit nerve racking – as we had been with our previous company for 25 years! But Compass were great- Since the very first day, they have been brilliant.

I have previously been in a situation where I have been billed by an accountant for a short phone call - with Compass you don’t feel like you are going to be taken advantage of- and that trust is very important.

Compass have done more for me in 2 years, than my previous accountant did in 20! As well as provide an amazing service they have helped me with things like networking events and golf trips, I have always felt very looked after.

I’m a great believer that if someone knows their job and does it their job well, then you should trust them to get on and do it. With Compass, I trust them entirely and follow their advice and guidance with confidence.

Richard West, the owner of Apolo Motors

Compass Accountants came highly recommended by one of our trustees, and so when it was time to appoint a new accountant they were our first choice. So far we have been very impressed. They have just completed our annual return which all ran very smoothly. In fact, it was a lot less stressful than last year. We are looking forward to continuing our work with them!

Jim Bettley- the General Manager of The Blue Lamp Trust

It’s great to be located so closely to Compass. As neighbours we chose to use their services as soon as we arrived, and they helped Wananchi to become fully established. They have always gone above and beyond their services and constantly keep our business in mind.

A good example of this is when Jeff Walton of Compass, arranged a networking meeting with an organisation that is now actually a partner of ours. This introduction created an opportunity for us that we are still very grateful for. Compass are always there to help and will proactively look for ways for Wananchi to improve. I always recommend them highly as an accountancy firm.

Malcolm Padwick, the founder of Wananchi

Compass has been with us throughout every step of our journey, joining us in 2004 when company was launched. They have been a fantastic help for us over the years- and have supported us through many changes, especially with our recent move. When we relocated, we went from renting a property to purchasing our offices- and during that process, we had Stuart on speed-dial! Now we have a bigger office, and therefore we have the capacity to expand.

For us, having a personal relationship with your accountant really counts for a lot. We feel that Stuart knows our business very well, and can therefore tailor his advice specifically to our needs.

Sarah Palmer, the Director and founder of the Children’s Legal Practice

I was already familiar with Compass and knew that they were an accountancy firm I could trust- and I’ve not been wrong! It was an easy decision for me to get them on board- and they’ve been very helpful with getting the business moving in its initial stages. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Nick Kantharia, owner of a ‘Surface Medic Franchise’

Of course, getting started as a small business required a reliable accountant -and Compass came highly recommended - so I got in touch and they have been of great help with everything ever since. Kerry was assigned to manage our relationship, and has helped me with everything I have needed.

Compass immediately assisted me by helping me to claim for a big refund. Kerry quickly flagged up the fact that the van and equipment I had invested in would qualify as an ‘annual investment allowance’ and that I was able to offset this against my employment income.  They advised me to get my records ready as quickly as possible helping me to get the money back in my pocket- in good time! My aims for the next stage of the business is to develop the round even further and perhaps even look at taking on another member of staff to cope with the work!

Paul Morrison, owner of Morrison’s Window Cleaning

We appointed Compass to facilitate the transition into becoming a limited company. Ever since then Compass have looked after all of our accounting needs including payroll and VAT. They are very professional and it’s always great to know that everything is in good hands. They’ve always been really helpful and always steer us in the right direction.

Gareth Bungay, QCA

Compass is the perfect choice of accountancy firm for me. They have always been courteous, proactive and are available whenever I need them. Over the last 17 years Compass has supported me by managing my company accounts, completing tax returns and offering valuable tax planning advice. I also feel confident that my business complies with all relevant Government legislation. Compass has been incredibly important to my business and it’s been a pleasure having Stuart as my advisor, who makes me feel as though I am his only client. The team at Compass have helped and guided me through various issues and circumstances, providing me with important and essential advice.”

“They make a point of going out of their way to help and have even provided guidance on issues outside of their remit, such as help with working tax credits for example. It has been a pleasure working with them and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other local businesses.

Debbie Walker, Business Development Manager

Compass Accountants provide us with all the support we need to prosper in an increasingly competitive environment. Their staff are diligent, professional, and very responsive to our requests. They have a good understanding of our personal needs.

Compass is proactive in its approach, anticipating problems and drawing to our attention opportunities to save tax.

Henry Chumun of Merok House Residential Care Home.

Compass Accountants have been an invaluable resource in helping me acquire and finance my business. They have been there for APR through the good and the bad times. They have a great understanding of my business needs in particular and of manufacturing in general. I know I can depend on them.

Jim Merriott, Director of APR Powder Coatings.

They have acted for my family for almost 30 years and are valued, tried and trusted professional advisors over the generations of our business. Their staff have always been approachable and proactive to our needs.

Mike Woolls, Director of Tyresales and Service (Hedge End) Limited.

We chose Compass to act as our accountant because we wanted a local company with a good reputation and a hands-on approach - and we haven't been disappointed. The staff are always professional, helpful and available to answer any questions. I'd certainly recommend their services to other businesses.

Martin Atkinson, Director of PiMS Workspace Limited.

We are delighted with the relationship we have with Compass. They are approachable, professional and friendly. They have a good understanding of the needs of our business and we feel that they have been an invaluable resource in helping our company progress and develop.

Phil Hayward, Director of TS Tyre Repairs Limited.

We have utilized Compass's services now for many years! We have always found them to be reliable accurate and very proactive! We require the backup of Compass to assist us in areas of sound financial matters in running a business that we find at times to be very confusing. Compass has the knack of being able to offer a commonsense approach and give an unbiased opinion relating to financial matters that may need to be redressed. We find the operational personnel to be professional, charming and nice people to do business with.

Adrian and Hazel Clements of Clements Technical Recruitment Limited.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Compass Accountants for their excellent service and support. This has enabled us to develop and grow over the past 35 years.

Peter Quinn, Director of Holmes and Quinn Limited.

Compass Accountants have been a source of constant support to us personally and to our business. Their staff are always friendly and approachable – which means going to visit your accountant becomes a pleasure.

Derek and Sharon Haggard, Directors of Hadlows of Titchfield Limited.

What I like about Compass is that they positively contribute to publishing correct accounts and do not give the impression (as can be the tendency of inspectors and auditors, due to the nature of their job) that their achievement is in finding errors.

Bill Jackson of The Mary Rose Trust.

In any discussions about accountants the subject of 'accountancy fees' always comes up! We have always looked on our fees from Compass to represent good value for money. We are delighted with the high level of professional services they provide us. We don't have to worry about accounts and tax deadlines – they handle it. They keep a constant look out for us – so that we can focus on making money in our business.

Stuart Newman and Andrew Stirrat, Directors of HB Industrial Services Limited.

Aqua Cars has moved on in leaps and bounds since the involvement of Compass Accountants. Aqua Cars has now been using Compass Accountants for the last 5 years and have built a strong relationship, they also work in harmony with our financial advisers.

Compass Accountants proved extremely effective with their knowledge and guidance during the purchase and fitting out of the new premises that the company now enjoys. We look forward to our relationship being long and fruitful.

Ronnie Leng, Director of Aqua Cars Limited.

A big 'thank you' is due to Compass Accountants who played an important role in helping us get funding for such a huge project. Compass worked closely with us and our Bankers, NatWest Bank, to present our business case which enabled the bank to support our application for funding.

We can recommend Compass Accountants to anyone who wants a firm of accountants who not only really understand their business but also have an excellent reputation and relationship with the banking sector.

Terry Stubington & Peter Hill, Directors of Monstercam Limited.

We appreciate the service provided by Compass Accountants. Every member of staff makes us feel welcome and valued and we always know we will be well looked after.

Mick Johnsey and Carol Colwell, Directors of Mick's Mobile Catering Limited.

There is no doubt that we would not still be in business had it not been for the timely and sound advice given to us by Compass Accountants over the last 24 years. They are not restrained by only thinking of conventional ideas when dealing with our business problems – they provide creative ideas for us helping us to think at a different level to come up with a better solution. They will not hold back from telling us what we need to hear rather than only telling us what we want to hear.

Everyone at Compass is friendly and approachable meaning it is easy and comfortable for us to contact them. They take pride in looking after our interests and are proactively involved in helping us develop.

We have already referred them to several of our business contacts who have needed help when they were not getting it from their existing accountants, and are pleased to continue to do so without reservation. After all we have proof of 24 years why we continue to use them.

Graham Moss and Cindy Salmon, Directors of Machine Tool and Engineering Services Limited.

With the help they have given us and the tax they are saving us, our great regret was that we didn't meet them years ago!

Martin Atkinson, Director of Property Information Management Services Limited.

Compass accountants were able to pick up seamlessly where our previous accountants left off. We feel they are more geared to our medium sized business and show a real interest in helping to take our business forward. Compass are proactive in achieving the best tax savings possible for us and are assisting us in our attempts to grow the business in these challenging times. We look forward to what is promising to be a good relationship in the years to come.

David Spencer, Director of Production and Development Services Limited.
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