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Will Writing Services

Ensure that your estate goes directly to those you care about.

Why everyone should have a will…

Making a will is one of the most critical elements of estate planning- yet alarmingly, a majority of adults in Britain do not have one.

Having a will is the only way to ensure that your estate goes directly to those you care about.

Without a will, an untimely death can be complicated, or even disastrous for the loved ones left behind, as dying intestate (without a will), means that the distribution of your estate is determined by the rules of intestacy.

This could mean that your beneficiaries may not be those you would have intended and it could even lead to an increase in inheritance tax.

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Our will writing services

At Compass Accountants, we aim to provide a will writing service that ensures that you are well prepared, that your estate is divided exactly as you wish and that there are no hidden risks for your beneficiaries.

Our will writing service is a simple and uncomplicated process that takes your personal interest into great consideration. Ordinarily, we are able to provide you with a will after one single appointment, (although this may be slightly longer for more complex cases).

Our expertise in finance means that we are best placed to provide our clients with all options available to them, to ensure their estate is divided exactly as they choose, and that the loved ones they leave behind are well provided for.

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